Congratulations to Carlos Delatore hailing from Henry Longfellow #36 School for receiving the Javon McCrea Basketball Award.

Congratulations to Nacarri Brown hailing from Henry Longfellow #36 School for winning an autographed basketball.

For Academics:                              For Outstanding Sportsmanship:

     Kaitlyn Garcia                                                                     Sidney Forrest
    Sillery Gonzalez                                                                   Zahrrea Payne
    Shakar Thomas                                                                   Jose Melendez
    Gregg Waters                                                                      Alexander Jordan
    KaShaud Jackson
    Xavier Newborn
    Amal Mohamud
    Ga’Nazia Edmondson-Sloan

Congratulations to the Javon McCrea Basketball Award winners hailing from Henry Lomb #20 School

Monet Jordan                           Matt McCrea                     James Giddens

Shannon Nash                         Michelle Sutton                 Daniel Colon        

Paula Grabb                             Tracy Maggio                    Debra Brown

Tom Anderson                         Marie Rivers                      Cheryl Walden

Bonnie Atkins                          Donnarae Johnson           Ray Walden

Traci Darrisaw                          Lee Schickler                    Jareth Thomas

Morgan Tohafjian                    Johnnie Mathis                 Nicole Thornhill

Ronald Cavuoto                       Pam Jackson                    Lisa Reed

Joshua Springs                       Andre Jones

There are several people that Javon McCrea and his team would like to thank for helping to make this tour a GREAT SUCCESS!

Many Thanks

With the increase in the crime rate in upstate New York, it is important for Javon to speak to the young people. Sharing his challenges and successes can help to reiterate a more positive path selection to the youth. Javon shares many commonalities with them as he was plagued with many of the same situations and decisions. It was his mindset and determination that diverted him from succumbing to the pressures of violence, drugs and crime.
We’ve found the adult crime rate in upstate New York is one of the highest in the nation. Youthful offenses include bullying, stealing, assault and drugs. Javon wanted to direct their energy toward something positive. With pride, he honed in on the fact that he is just like them. His purpose is to emphasize lifelong skills such as values, self-esteem, goal setting and making responsible choices by way of basketball. So in the month of June 2015 he decided to tour schools in the upstate New York and the Boston areas to speak to the youth and share his journey.

"Giving back is important to me.." - Javon McCrea

The Tour