Monet Jordan Marketing

Coach Javon                                                          Jayden

Shannon McCrea                                                   Hanna

Michael Muscolino                                                 Simon

Samantha Henton                                                  Caiden

Keisha Nesmith                                                      Daveon

Coach Mark                                                           Christian

Coach Greene                                                       Douglas

Coach King                                                            Terrance

Doug C                                                                   Nigel

Nancy Colavito                                                       Larry

Jeorge Bueso                                                         Chase

Rick Santell                                                            Allison

Wegmans                                                              Derek

Monet Jordan                                                        Gabriel

JD Thomas                                                            Dezmere

Javon McCrea would like to thank everyone that helped make this event a success.

Javon McCrea hosted his first Basketball Camp July 26, 2014 - July 27, 2014. Participants from ages 8 to 18 were able to learn effective techniques including shooting, ball handling, defense and post moves.

Javon McCrea's Basketball Academy 2014

"My mom taught me to give back at an early age"  - Javon McCrea

JMBA 2014