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Xavier Mathis

"He scored his first  four points later in this season but he stayed determined to help us win each game. " 

Chad French

"One of our best leaders on the court. His scoring ability helped us win many games.

Daveon Wright

"He has good ball handle and he scored a lot of points for us this season"

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"Let's get better." - Javon McCrea

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McCreazie Players Of The Week

Anthony Wright

"One of our best defensive players. Blocked many shots, and created a lot of plays for us this season.

Noah Garland

"He played a lot of minutes for us this season. He is the definition of a true TEAM PLAYER. 

Dustin Case

"One of our best guards this season. Scored many points when needed and is a good passer.

Kyrell Boughton

"His confidence grew throughout the season. He scored and lead the team in steals this season. 

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Brenden Briggs

"One of the key players to our success this season. His confidence and ball handling saved us in many games"