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Congratulations to the Javon McCrea G.O.A.L Award Winners

To begin his school tour this year, we asked schools catering to kids with learning and developmental disabilities to cut out a total of 1000 fans. We distributed the fans to everyone at the schools on the tour.  

Javon was honored to be the guest speaker at Henry Lomb #20 schools Character Counts Ceremony. This years topic was Citizenship. McCrea was also invited to be the guest speaker at the G.O.A.L (greatness over anything less) event at Abraham Lincoln School #22.  

Below are highlights from this years amazing events.

Congratulations to the Javon McCrea Basketball MVP Award Winners

School Tour 2016

                                                    Many Thanks

​                                  There are several people that Javon McCrea and his team would like to thank for helping to

                                                                              make this tour a GREAT SUCCESS!

Obe Kagde                                        Dae'Quan Gayden

Kiara Green                                       Jah’mere Kirkland

Marielyz Castorie-Perez                   Nazeriah Samuels
Shamina Subba                                Melvin Cruz
Jaaliyah Jones                                 Joshua Rosario
Lilyana Pyatt-Ramos                        Lenijah Rivera Alshaman
Samuel Cooper                                Terrance Hogan
Ali Musa                                            Melvin Koffa
Tyleek Jackson                                James O’Neil
Alayea Martinez                                Sarai Riggins

This year we recognized all of the teachers for their patience, love, instruction and being a pivotal part of their students lives. 

"I want to inspire." - Javon McCrea

Elvis Maybell                                        Emanuel Webb

Lastat Maybell                                      Zymere Smith

Michael Diaz                                       Eniam Santana
                                 Alex Lopez                             

Tee'Leyah Hale                                      Sha'Mirr Brooks

Darnell Turner                                     Shakar Thomas

                               Jose Melendez                                                   

With the increase in the crime rate in upstate New York, it is important for Javon to speak to the young people. Sharing his challenges and successes can help to reiterate a more positive path selection to the youth. Javon shares many commonalities with them as he was plagued with many of the same situations and decisions. It was his mindset and determination that diverted him from succumbing to the pressures of violence, drugs and crime.
We’ve found the adult crime rate in upstate New York is one of the highest in the nation. Youthful offenses include bullying, stealing, assault and drugs. Javon wanted to direct their energy toward something positive. With pride, he honed in on the fact that he is just like them. His purpose is to emphasize lifelong skills such as values, self-esteem, goal setting and making responsible choices by way of basketball. So in years 2015 and 2016 he decided to tour schools in the upstate New York and the Boston areas to speak to the youth and share his journey. 

Congratulations to the Javon McCrea Citizenship Award Winners

Barker                   Behrend                Wright                          Spencer               
Elmer                    Mathis                   Pearsall                        Lechner                
Tobon                    Sacchitella            Schickler                      Scott                     
Rinker                   Schimpf                 Erickson                      Johnstone           
Lonadier                Macall                   Pink                              Campbell    

Price                     Roman                  Costanza                      Deats     

Heimberger           Husdan                 Eck                               Nevinskas 

Placious                Schuler                 Schwartz                      Sutera 

Wallace                 Maimone              Wilmott-Sharra             Winterberger        

Young-Card           Mathis                 Principal Johnson