"My mother and grand mother taught me to give as much as I can." - Javon McCrea 

Evelina Miller

Tashima Rogers

Mark Petschke

Holger Eggers

Rickey Sulkowski

Raymond Walden

Mary Gooden

​Bryan Young


Giving back to the community is one of Javon's many passions.

Javon knows that he has MANY supports, fans, friends, McCreazies and family. Unfortunately, Javon is not able to respond to every message, attend every event or speak to everyone individually.

A way for him to show his gratitude to everyone is to give away something that means a lot to him..... HIS JERSEY.

Javon will be having Jersey giveaways often this year. Please check back here for details. Be sure to register and you too can be a winner of a Javon McCrea Basketball Jersey!

The winners so far this year are listed below.... More information to come.

Who Won?